The Edge of Enlightenment

A collection of insights pointing to the unseen truth of the world. The truth that is here at the heart of your being. Beyond the mistaken concepts of separateness, identity and the finite world, the truth is that there is only one, an infinite one. Enlightenment is letting go of the belief that we are limited – that we are the body and the mind – and allowing our infinite nature to be as it is.

Gain an understanding of non-duality. Recognise the infinite oneness in the world. Explore the illusory workings of the visible, changing world of opposites and how this points to the reality of the invisible unchanging one. With this natural understanding, find guidance to let go of mistaken ideas that holds us back and prevent us from seeing with true clarity. Rest in the infinite oneness of your being.

Philosophical Contemplations

Philosophical Contemplations is a collection of short insights into philosophy, covering:

God The UniversePatterns The Philosopher

What is The Law of Opposites? What is Reality? Does God exist?

Find out how patterns in the visible world demonstrate the underlying truths of existence.

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